Snap Ghost



Take ghost photos of your friends and have a good laugh at their chills.
Snap Ghost lets you add dozens of horrible ghost effects to your camera or local pictures. Take a photo with your friend followed by a ghost in the corridor and post it on Facebook or send it via email. Your fun can be boundless.

Wanna see your friend’s reaction when he finds a ghost hanging above in his photo?
Wanna post a realistic ghost photo on Facebook and tell all your friends you captured a ghost?
Wanna give your friends some special gifts on Halloween or April Fool?

Try Snap Ghost right now! Frighten your friends and smirk behind your iPhone. Your Halloween fun will never end with Snap Ghost!

★ Take photos or import pictures from your album.
★ Dozens of chilling ghost effects to add.
★ Place the ghost anywhere you like.
★ Switch between the black and white and multi-colored styles.
★ Both front and back cameras are supported.
★ Share your ghost photos directly and instantly on Facebook or send them via email.
★ Upgrade to enjoy more finely-designed ghost effects.

Move your fingers for better ghost photos.
✔ Tap to the previous or next ghost.
✔ Rotate the ghost for a better position.
✔ Position the ghost by dragging.
✔ Flip the ghost by double tapping.
✔ Pinch the ghost to zoom in/out.

Device: IOS


Reviewer Information:

This app is only available for idevices. Another easy to use app. It does keep nagging to upgrade to pro. The version reviewed is the free one. Brushes are easily added to existing photos or taken via the camera. Most of the images are easily debunked as fake however have been added.


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