Ghost Prank Camera

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*Create Amazing Ghost Photos Instantly!
*New Celebrity Ghosts Just Added!
*Fool your friends and everyone else!
*Post to Facebook!
*Email to Friends
*Use Photo Effects!
*Adjust transparency and size!
*20 different ghosts!

Create and share AMAZINGLY REAL GHOST PHOTOS! Super easy to use ghost camera will fool even the biggest skeptics. Make believers out of your friends! With 20 ghosts preloaded you many choices on Hoax Ghost photos to make. Adjust the size and transparency of each ghost! Use cool effects on the photos to make them even more realistic. Give them a black and white look to create an old looking ghost photo. Post them to Facebook and or email them to your friends. Save them to you library for future use! If you or someone you know is a believer you need this app.

-Best Ghost App available
-Super realistic and scary Ghosts!
-Post to Facebook with one button
-Email to your friends
-+ a whole lot MORE!

Device: IOS


Reviewer Information:

This app is only available for idevices. Overall this app is not very user friendly. No clear instruction on what to do. The ghosts contained in this application range from fair to simply ridiculous. I have saved the majority of stock photo’s minus the animated ones.


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