Ghost Exposure

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iPhone 5 FULL SCREEN Support!!!
Add realistic ghosts and demons to any photo in seconds with the incredible app, Ghost Exposure™. Just grab a photo from your photo library, your phone’s camera, Facebook, Camera+ LightBox, Instagram, Flickr or Picasa then start adding Creepiness. Your images will be the ones people talk about.

Ghost Exposure™ utilizes very intuitive gesture controls to position and size ghosts and other objects with accuracy and speed. In no time you will be able to create very unique, supernatural images that you can easily share with your friends.

Create amazing images with Ghost Exposure™ then show off your creation through Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email right from the app. You can even share your photos World Wide through the app Gallery. It’s the perfect way to really freak out your friends.


* Share images with Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Email directly from the app
* Share images World Wide through the app Gallery
* Complete gesture controls to reposition, resize and rotate ghosts with ease
* Beings can be flipped horizontally and moved up or downward in relation to one another
* Import images from your photo library or take pictures with your forward or rear camera
* Tap on overlaying ghosts and other objects to cycle through
* Built in help

Device: IOS


Reviewer Information:

This app is only available for idevices. Easy use to create your own ghost photo’s. Has decent library of ghosts. Some of the images in the library are very fake looking. Saved for the record regardless.


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