Ghost Camera Pro – Prank paranormal photography

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Take spooky “haunted” pictures and make your friends freak out!

Introducing the most advanced ghost prank app in the App Store – Ghost Camera Pro.

This app generates the most authentic ghost images in your photos, allowing you to set the exact position of a ghost by dragging, change its size by pinch/pull gestures, or modify its opacity to compensate for pictures of different brightness. And all these adjustments are done in real time.

To make the pictures even more realistic, you can erase unwanted parts of the ghost to create the illusion of standing behind a person or object.

Pictures are either taken from within the app itself, from iPhone’s default camera, or imported from Saved Photos.

The Continuous shots option lets you take pictures like a normal camera (skips edit mode), so you can shock your friends when you show them the automatically generated “haunted” pics. You might even surprise yourself!

This all is great for party conversations.

1. Tap either the camera icon or saved photos icon in the toolbar.
2. After selecting the photo to use, a ghost will be added automatically. Drag to set a suitable position and size.
3. Use the slider to control the level of translucency.
4. Use the left and right arrow buttons to select different ghosts.
5. If necessary, use the eraser tool to erase unwanted sections.
6. Tap the Save button when you’re satisfied with your changes.
7. The Continuous shots option can be enabled under your device general Settings.

Device: IOS


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This app is a user contribution by Ghost Research International like them on Facebook


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