Ghost Camera by DD

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This is a prank camera, you can let the lens filled with ghost for joking with your friends. And you can adjust the ghost’s size, roation, position, and so on.

*Make your camera filled with ghost by real-time;
*Rotate the ghost;
*Scale the ghost;
*Move the ghost;
*Pinch the ghost;
*Front & back facing camera support;
*Save to your photo album;
*All kinds of ghost;
*Share with your friends by Email, etc.

This app is only for entertainment.

Device: IOS


Reviewer Information:

Ghost Camera by DD is an iOS camera app. This application is easy to use and includes several ghosts. The app is available for free as it is ad driven. Users have the ability to change the contrast and blur the image. Users can place the ghost anywhere in the image and adjust size. Some of the images included are animated and will not easily fool anyone.


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